Customer Websites

If you would like to order a customer website, you can fill in the Website Order Form we have prepared. Full instructions are given on the form. If you have any queries please contact our marketing department.

The Collection Website offers:

Sample Customer Website
  • An unpriced version of the Prestige Leisure UK website, with your own branding
  • Two hosting options available - choose from either '' or 'your own domain name'
  • The ability to personalise and display your own corporate colours, logo and contact details
  • A homepage, main catalogue and up to 9 other customisable info pages. These pages can contain details on logo design, order, delivery, payment and account facilities as well as other products and services that you may wish to offer
  • Products are displayed as thumbnails and full size images
  • Product descriptions, fabric details, colours, sizes and key features are given for every item
  • Up to date product information which is reviewed on an ongoing basis
Visit for a full demonstration, or contact our marketing department for further details.

Prices - All prices are per annum.

  1. The usual annual fee for an unpriced catalogue website themed appropriately to your business, hosted on a ‘’ domain is £150.00
  2. For an unpriced catalogue with hosting on your own domain name £199.00